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Eco-Friendly Toyota Cars Birmingham AL

Toyota offer a number of different eco-friendly technologies. We continue to work on refining them and improving our relationship with the environment every single day. Our passion is to balance care for the environment with outstanding performance. Right now the technologies that we are working on are; fuel cell, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid. In fact, did you know that Toyota has over 2 million hybrid vehicles on the road today? That is more than any other manufacturer.

Hybrid – Prius is still the one! 50 mpg. Toyota leads the planet in hybrid sales, with the Prius squarely at the front of the pack. Optional pedestrian detection. The Toyota Prius was introduced 20 years ago. In 2012 Toyota Introduced the Prius Plug-in Hybrid. This model uses intelligent energy management to monitor the driver’s energy usage. If attentive to it, drivers may be able to cut gasoline usage in half, compared to a traditional Prius.

Standard Prius ranked 9th with 52 mpg by Forbes Magazine in their greenest car rankings. The Toyota Prius ECO was redesigned for 2016, ranked number 4 on the Greenest Cars list by Forbes magazine. While the Toyota Prius C, ranked number 8 with 50 mpg combined city and highway mileage. If you are looking for a little more cargo room but don’t want to forgo the hybrid engine the Prius V offers a nice balance of storage area and eco stewardship. The 2016 Toyota Highlander Hybrid is also a nice option for this.

The Toyota Mirai is an electric car. It runs on hydrogen and its only emission is water. The very name, Mirai means future in Japanese. It is the car of the future and technology like this will ensure we all have a future. But it isn’t just about emissions. This stunning car also delivers an EPA-estimated 67 city miles and 67 highway miles per e-gallon. The Mirai is the only zero emission electric vehicle that tops the 300 mile range milestone.

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Eco-Friendly Business Practices

Toyota has 28 North American facilities that meet the U.S. Zero Waste Business Council’s standard of Zero Waste. In addition to this, Toyota is proud that over 96% of waste created by Toyota was re-used, reduced or recycled last year. We always have the environment in mind. Why not come by Serra Toyota and test drive some eco-friendly cars?

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