Used Toyota Corolla in Birmingham, AL

The Toyota Corolla was introduced to American buyers in the late 1960s. Since then, it has become the world’s best-selling passenger, with more than 30 million models sold in more than 140 countries. Toyota takes such care in building their vehicles, that each model it produces can go on to serve multiple owners. Serra Toyota customers looking for a used Toyota Corolla in Birmingham, AL should stop by our showroom today to see what we have to offer. The Corolla rose to its position in the automotive industry for offering efficient performance, an engaging handling profile as well as a long list of standard and available equipment.

Serra Toyota has a large inventory of pre-owned Corolla models for customers to choose from. Potential buyers can take a look at our entire available roster when they make an appointment today by calling, 205-847-1841.

A front-end photo of a used Toyota Corolla in motion on the road.

Why should I buy a pre-owned Toyota Corolla

After more than 50 years of production, the Toyota Corolla has gone through several iterations. Something that has tied them all together is incredible fuel economy scores. Most versions of the Corolla available at Serra Toyota will have a 1.8-liter, four-cylinder engine under the hood which will be attached to either a six-speed manual or continuously variable transmission.

Performance output can range from 132 to 140 horsepower, depending on model year and trim grade.

Some later model years will have improved powertrains that can make even more power without sacrificing fuel economy. The Toyota Corolla can record nearly 30 miles per gallon in the city and 35 miles per gallon or better on the highway.

Buyers looking for even more impressive fuel economy scores should be sure to ask if there are any Corolla Hybrid models available.

Interior Features

Toyota has equipped the last several Corolla model years with one of the most enviable interiors in its highly competitive class. Independent reviews have praised several model years of the Corolla for offering plenty of stylistic flourishes and controls that are easy for drivers to safely use while on the road.