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Do any 2020 Toyota vehicles require premium gasoline?
There is a lot people need to know about the 2020 lineup of Toyota vehicles arriving every day to the Serra Toyota showroom in Birmingham. Whether people are getting their next Toyota vehicle or buying their first one, there are a few common questions that come up year after year. For the current crop of models, the question, ‘Do any 2020 Toyota vehicles require premium gasoline,’ has been fairly common. For the most part, an owner of a 2020 Toyota vehicle won’t have to worry about reaching for the premium gas handle. Some of our product experts reached out to the professionals in the Serra Toyota Service Department to bring you some things you probably need to know.

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What exactly is premium-grade fuel?
The various numbers and the corresponding handles on a gas pump do have important meanings beyond dictating how much you’ll be paying. Gasoline usually comes in regular-, mid- and premium-grade versions. The difference is how much octane the fuel contains. We don’t need to get into the muck and mud of petrochemical engineering but suffice it to say that octane controls how combustible the fuel is.

Contrary to what you may think, gasoline with higher octane ratings are actually less combustible than those with less octane. This is what controls engine knocking, which is gas igniting when it shouldn’t be igniting.

Is it bad if I use the wrong kind of gasoline?
Almost every Toyota vehicle is designed to run on regular- or mid-grade gasoline. In the event someone makes a mistake, and they fill their tank with premium, the only damage done is to your monthly budget. If a vehicle requires premium and a lower grade is used, drivers may notice a drop in performance and fuel economy.

However, that can be fixed once the right kind of gas is used. Making this a regular habit could lead to long term damage – though that is a hotly debated topic among automotive experts.

If you have any questions about how to get the most from your vehicle, stop by Serra Toyota today.

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